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Meet The Experts

As independent mortgage brokers with Real Mortgage Associates, we've been serving the greater London, Ontario area since 2013. We have a strong dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences rooted in open, direct communication. As such, we work to leverage our combined connections and expertise to select, secure and present each client with today's best mortgage rate and loan options.


Ken Roberts

Mortgage Broker


Over the past 15 years, seasoned broker, Ken Roberts, has maintained an unwavering commitment to helping Canadians build a secure financial life. Ken is a very well known and respected member of the mortgage community and is renowned for his dedication to ongoing growth and client experience. Specializing in residential and private mortgages, Ken has helped many clients reach their goals and has earned a reputation for actualizing dreams and producing results. His connections, experience and expertise in private lending are truly unmatched, and as such, Ken is a powerful mentor and valuable ally to professionals and clients alike.


Dani Hanna

Mortgage Broker


As a dedicated traveller and global citizen, I've met and worked with people from all corners of the world. My experience has taught me the power of authentic connection. Now, more than ever, consumers are met with the confusion of choice. While having options is incredibly beneficial, it can be difficult to determine which choice is right for you. I help my clients make an informed decision about their mortgage, and secure the lowest rates and best terms for their unique needs. Better yet, with my assistance and strategic planing, my clients pay off their mortgages as soon as possible.